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Text Edit

Alexius keeps asking for patrols of the walls. Waste of time, if you ask me. The Inquisition ground themselves to a pulp against the walls ages ago. Ferelden made three attempts to lay siege here before the last life got crushed out of them. Who's left out there to threaten us? The mountain barbarians? But Alexius seems to expect a siege. Mans's gone completely mad.

Better to put the men on watch inside the walls. More of those blasted rifts open every day. It was better when we still had the people for blood sacrifices. Unbound demons have emptied the castle, village, and surrounding countryside of everyone who's not sleeping in their armor. Now, it's just wild demons everywhere.

Note Edit

This text can be found in Redcliffe Castle in Dragon Age: Inquisition during In Hushed Whispers. It is not included in the Codex. The note can be found just past the supply cache of potions just before entering the torture chamber block with Leliana.

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