No Rest for the Wicked is an Act 3 companion quest for Isabela in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Before obtaining the quest Hawke needs to find Isabela at The Hanged Man and get her to rejoin the party, as she has been in hiding since the end of Act 2 (if she wasn't handed over to the Qunari). After the dialogue she can be found standing near the writing desk at the Hawke Estate. Speak to her to begin the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

With Isabela in the party head towards The Blooming Rose in Hightown at night. Go inside and up the stairs to Velasco's room. Dialogue begins in which Hawke and Isabela plan their approach. Selecting the bottom option on the second wheel results in Rivalry small Sebastian: rivalry (+5). Once that's settled, another cutscene occurs. No matter which option is chosen Isabela is taken away by Velasco's men and Hawke receives 3DAO goldpiece trans from Velasco for "handing her over." After gathering a replacement party member, go outside and follow Isabela's trail. It leads Hawke through Lowtown and eventually to the Docks, where Hawke finds Castillon's Landing.

Note: The trail must be followed; Hawke cannot skip it by going directly to the docks.

Once inside, before going to the main room, head immediately to the right (north). If you have a rogue with 50 cunning (or 34 cunning + bonus to disarm traps), you can disarm the saw blade trap in this room. Further down this dead-end you will find a crate hidden in a small alcove between stacks of brown and red crates that may contain 15DAO goldpiece trans or more. The two crates at the very end of the room can contain as much as 5DAO goldpiece trans, as well as various random items.

Note: If you do not have a rogue capable of disarming the saw blade trap, it may be possible to bypass it. Hold your party at the entrance of the room and have someone scale the very edge of the traps along the wall. You may get injured and it may take a couple tries, but if you scale the wall during the first saw trap, then shimmy between the saw and spike trap, then move along the wall near the carts on the right hand side, you can sneak through them.

Back in the main room, a cutscene occurs and Hawke will have to fight Velasco's men.

Note: There are three standard traps here - one at the bottom of the stairs and two near the flame trap trigger with an archer standing on it (20 cunning required to detect/disarm - worth 100 XP each).

When the battle is over, loot Velasco for a key to unlock the southern door where there is a chest containing Incriminating Documents. Pick up the Ambrosia inside a chest in the northwest corner of the map; it's required to craft Elixir of Heroism.

Before Hawke and party can leave, Castillon arrives. Isabela negotiates with him, agreeing to hand over the incriminating documents in exchange for Castillon's ship and his promise to never come after her again. Hawke has the option to either kill Castillon, or to allow Isabela to proceed with the agreement.

  • Allowing Isabela give the documents to Castillon results in:
    • Friendship small Aveline: friendship (+10)
    • Rivalry small Fenris: rivalry (+10)
    • Rivalry small Sebastian: rivalry (+5).
    • Friendship small Varric: friendship (+5).
  • Killing Castillon results in:
    • Rivalry small Varric: rivalry (+5)
    • Rivalry small Aveline: rivalry (+5)
Note: ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360If Castillon is killed, removing Aveline and/or Varric from the party immediately after the cutscene results in no approval loss.

If Hawke kills Castillon, Isabela complains that the documents are now useless (although if Aveline is in the party, she will point out that she can use them). Isabela also admits that Hawke's decision was not without merit, saying, "I really hate it when you're right."

Rewards Edit

  • 3DAO goldpiece trans (for "handing" Isabela over to Velasco at The Blooming Rose)
  • 1200 XP (if Castillon lives)
  • 1830 XP (if Castillon is killed)
  • Random loot
  • A unique dagger:
Dagger gold DA2 The Pairing KnifeThe Pairing Knife
Requires: Dual Weapon
35 dexterity

Damage: 35 physical damage
(65 per second)
Rune slot
+65 attack
+5% chance to generate 2% mana/stamina
- dropped by Velasco

Notes Edit

  • Velasco's room in the Blooming Rose has a "Gather Your Party" interactive object, allowing you to select another companion to replace temporarily captured Isabela. However, it becomes unusable after the quest is completed.

Trivia Edit

  • The quest's name is a popular phrase, No rest for the wicked, which originates from the Book of Isaiah.
  • While speaking to Isabela at the beginning of the quest, if Hawke chooses the diplomatic or sarcastic response set she mentions a witty 3-step plan that has an uncertain 2nd step - "something exciting happens" - and a 3rd step of "Profit!" This is a reference to South Park's Underpants Gnomes episode.
  • The room to the left of the entrance has on its wall the image of a girl, which was also used for The Acerbic Dowager in Dragon Age: The Last Court

Bugs Edit

  • Isabela can be found inside Hawke's estate after Isabela's Regret, but Hawke may be unable to begin the quest if you have started/completed some other quests. It is best to finish this quest first before beginning any other Act 3 quests to prevent this bug. 1.04 patch seems to resolve this issue.
    • Workaround: At the start of Act 3, go to Hawke's estate. A conversation with Merrill will begin. Finish the conversation as desired, then exit the estate and reenter (NOTE: Hawke should not recruit Isabela back to the party otherwise she will appear in Hawke's estate and be bugged). Go to the main room where Bodahn is. He will initiate a quest about dog's non-stop barking; finish that quest then exit the estate. Now go to the Hanged Man and convince Isabela to rejoin the party. After she agrees, leave the Hanged Man and go to Hawke's estate again. You should now see Isabela in the main room, and the quest should start normally.
  • If Hawke enters the estate and ignores Isabela (thereby not triggering the quest by talking to her) and she is in the party later on, there is a possibility that talking to her anywhere OUTSIDE Hawke's Estate will trigger the cutscene and start the quest. Despite this error in location, everything else should proceed as normal.
  • Do not loot Velasco until the battle is over and a cutscene occurs where Isabela says "let's look around." Otherwise, Hawke may not get the key and will be unable to open the office door.
  • Even if Hawke allows Castillon to live after his bargain with Isabela, the fact that Isabela now has another ship is contradicted in later dialogue.