Ser Nevin Faramore is a Templar.


Ser Nevin was one of the few templars trusted by Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard. She gave him a the key of a box containing the bribes some parties had given her before the Kirkwall Rebellion.

Involvement Edit

Ser Nevin meets Vaea in The Hanged Man, and hires her to steal the box that is hidden in the Gallows, offering to split the contents with her. However, Vaea double-crosses him and steals the key while he is sleeping. After learning about this betrayal, Ser Nevin pursues Vaea in search of revenge.

Nevin finally catches up to Vaea, who has been blackmailed by Charter to help the Inquisition if she wishes any assistance dealing with stealing the box of bribes from Nevin. Nevin attempts to rouse Ser Aaron from his drunken stupor to inform him of Vaea's thievery. As Aaron does not wake, Vaea and Nevin face off.

Ultimately, Vaea gets the drop on Nevin and he nearly falls to his death and begs her to help him. She saves him at the last minute and drags him to safety. However, as Nevin thanks her and proposes they instead resolve their differences like civilized people, Vaea knocks him unconscious and flees.