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Watch yourself. Orzammar politics are getting near as dangerous as battle.

Nevin is a dwarf of the warrior caste and member of Prince Bhelen's expeditionary force that is being sent into the Deep Roads to look for signs of the Paragon Branka.

Involvement Edit

Nevin will be taking his ease within Tapster's Tavern and will offer to share a bench with the Warden. When questioned he will inform the Warden of the groups being sent by both Bhelen and Harrowmont into the Deep Roads to look for the missing Paragon, Branka.

He also reveals that he has met Duncan previously and alludes to the fact that the Deep Roads is where the Grey Wardens go to die, something that is common knowledge to the dwarves.

Quotes Edit

  • "Afternoon Stranger. You looking for a stool to share a brew?"
  • "Every Grey Warden ends up there [the Deep Roads]. That's where they send you when you're ready to leave this world. Go die in the dark, putting away as many vermin as you can. Getting more crowded these days, though. Lots of people interested all of a sudden. We go back tomorrow and we're not the only ones."

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