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Nevarran Skull is a crafting material in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Looted from certain [confirmation needed] corpses.
  • May be dropped by rebel mages in the Hinterlands.
  • Heaps of skeletons by small white skull statues at the locations on the Storm Coast given in the quest Way of the Necromancer. Each statue is guarded by a group of Unsettled Dead.
    • Storm's Solitude: On the path leading slightly southeast from the Storm's Solitude camp (not far from the camp).
    • Apostate's Landing: A little north from the Stone Tree landmark.
    • Small Grove: On top of the triangular shaped hill located south east from the Small Grove Camp; at the southern tip of that hill is an abandoned camp with some crates.
  • Randomly sold by the Crestwood merchant for
    20 Currency (Inquisition) (infinite amount, requires The Short List Inquisition perk).

Uses Edit

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