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This page contains a list of situational dialogue and conversations Neria has with other characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer.

Neria's remarks Edit

  • (In battle) Na melana sahlin!
  • (In battle) Feed the earth!
  • (Fallen) I... I'm not ready...
  • (Fallen) I can still fight!
  • (Fallen) I cross... the veil...
  • (Revived) Ma serannas.
  • (Low health) I am useless like this!
  • (During battle) Mythal guide us. We will not fall today.
  • (Retrieval event) Keep your eyes open. Whatever we're looking for might be easy to miss.
  • (Upon seeing treasure room) Remarkable!
  • (If "Protect Inquisition agent" event is failed) Stupid shems.

Neria and Cillian Edit

  • Neria: I've never had my skills so tested in my life!
  • Cillian: It took courage to admit that, I know.


  • Neria: It will be a relief to return to my clan once all this is done.
  • Cillian: I may stay with the Inquisition. These humans are interesting.


  • Neria: I never thought I would say this, but I’ve learned much from traveling with you all. 
  • Cillian: We Dalish live a sheltered existence. This journey can only help us understand ourselves better. 


  • Cillian: I once dreamed of seeing places like this.
  • NeriaDid you really?


  • Cillian: Being with the Inquisition has opened my eyes to how little I truly understood the world before.
  • Neria: It’s interesting how easily you take to the world of a shemlen. I'm almost embarrassed for you. 


  • Cillian: Did anyone try that ham they had at camp yesterday?
  • Neria: I don’t eat anything I haven’t prepared myself.