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Natural crystals set is an item set in Dragon Age: Origins. It can only be used on Shale.

Information Edit

In order to form this set, any natural type small crystal and large crystal should be equipped together on Shale.

The available natural type small crystals that can be found in-game are:

The available natural type large crystals that can be found in-game are:


This set provides +10% nature resistance bonus on Shale.

Acquisition Edit

Any of the required pieces of this item set can be looted from crystal formations in Cadash Thaig, Wilhelm's Cellar or anywhere you can purchase crystals.

Notes Edit

  • The bonus gained from this set is the same by using both low tier crystals and higher ones, subsequently making the bonus more useful in early levels.
  • The picture shows Shale equipped with small and large clear crystals.

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