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Murdock is the Mayor of Redcliffe Village and is in charge of the militia for its defense against the undead.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins.

Murdock asks The Warden to do two things to prepare for the upcoming battle:

  • Convince Owen to fix his militia's armor
  • Convince Dwyn to fight alongside the militia

Murdock will also guide you towards Ser Perth after you have finished his quests. The player may also ask the soldier's state or morale.

After defending Redcliffe successfully with Murdock dead during the battle, the revered mother says a few words for fallen Murdock. If he survives, he will be standing roughly in the same spot you saw him first and the Warden can chat with the Mayor, before he heads off to the village chantry. There is an option to ask him to join the army, however he always declines.

If the Warden chooses not to defend Redcliffe, Murdock will appear later within the castle as a re-animated corpse.

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