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Mountainside Path is a path in Vimmark Mountains leading from the Retreat beneath Chateau Haine. There are two different sections of the path, one leading directly to The Ruins from the Retreat and one off into the mountains.

Involvement Edit

Quest icon DA2 Heart of the Many
Quest icon DA2 Arcane Feathers, if Anders is in the group
Quest icon DA2 A Map of Sorts, if Isabela is in the group
Quest icon DA2 A Romantic's Gift, if Aveline is in the group
Quest icon DA2 A Warrior's Legacy, if Fenris is in the group

Enemies Edit

Splr da2
“There are men who embrace destiny; these are the ones that change the world forever.” — Flemeth
This article contains spoilers for Dragon Age II. Click here to reveal them.

If Hawke decides to aid Tallis:

Mountainside Path with Tallis Map

Map of the area if Hawke aids Tallis

If Hawke decides not to further aid Tallis:

Mountainside Path without Tallis Map

Map of the area if Hawke does not aid Tallis

See also Edit

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