For the Dragon Age: Origins guide, see Money making guide.

This is a guide to making gold in Dragon Age II.

Decisions Leading to More Coin Edit

  • Sell unnecessary potions. The less you have in your inventory, the more likely they are to drop.
  • Once you cleared an area of Kirkwall (i.e. Hightown, lowtown or docks) from the street thugs and eradicated their bases, claim your reward from A Friend before clearing another area.

Chests/Corpses with Big Payoffs Edit

Prologue Edit

Act 1 Edit

Act 2 Edit

Act 3 Edit

  • 1-2 DAO goldpiece trans - During Pride's End, from Marethari's corpse.
  • 10+ DAO goldpiece trans - During No Rest for the Wicked, inside Castillon's Landing; open the door to the right (and disarm the trap) and open the first crate.
  • 9-20 DAO goldpiece trans - Found in a chest off the right of the Viscount's Way in Hightown at night.

Runes of Fortune Edit

Rune of Fortune is added in The Black Emporium DLC. It increases the amount of gold yield from containers and corpses.

Crafting Runes of Fortune Edit

Take the following steps immediately upon starting Act 1 to maximize the gold you get from each corpse or chest through Runes of fortune. Note: it is advised you do not loot any corpses or open any chests in Act 1 until these steps are completed (except those found in the Amell Family Cellar during Birthright and in the Bone Pit Mines during The Bone Pit (quest) since they will not be available later). Gold drops are determined upon looting, so returning to look later will result in more gold obtained.

Upon completion, you will have the 2 Lyrium and 2 Silverite required to craft a Rune of Fortune.

Coin Percentage Bonus Edit

The bonus given by using a Rune of Fortune depends on the piece of armor it is equipped in. Below the bonus to coin drops based on equipment type is listed. Using Runes of Fortune in Companion Armor leads to the highest yields.

ItemCoin dropped (per rune)[1]
Companion Armor+10%
Rings & Belts+1.5%

The effect is cumulative but companions out of the active party grant no effects.

For corpses, as long as they are left on the ground, equipping or removing an item with Rune of Fortune changes the amount of gold they yield. (You can confirm this by saving the game and testing different states.) However, once they are inspected, the amount of gold on them becomes fixed. Same applies to containers like chests but their base gold yield is always fixed.

Rune Slots Available Edit

Act 1 Edit

  • Varric: 1 Armor Rune Slot (+10% coin drop)
  • Aveline: 3 Shield Rune Slots (+11.25% coin drop)
  • All others: Nothing

Act 2 Edit

  • Aveline: 1 Armor Rune Slot + 3 Shield Rune Slots (+21.25% coin drop)
  • Fenris, Varric: 2 Armor Rune Slots (+20% coin drop)
  • Isabela, Merril, Sebastian: 1 Armor Rune Slot (+10% coin drop)
  • Anders: Nothing

Act 3 Edit

  • Fenris, Varric: 3 Armor Rune Slots (+30% coin drop)
  • Aveline: 1 Armor Rune Slot + 3 Shield Rune Slots (+21.25% coin drop)
  • Isabela, Merril, Sebastian: 2 Armor Rune Slots (+20% coin drop)
  • Anders: 1 Armor Rune Slot (+10% coin drop)

References Edit

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