For the Fereldan monarch, see Moira Theirin.

Moira is a templar of Kirkwall.

Background Edit

Not much is known other than the fact she received her training in Kirkwall to become a templar.

Involvement Edit

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Moira is involved in Prime Suspect.

She tells Hawke that Emeric left not long ago, and that he said Hawke had arranged to meet that night; Hawke questioned this, stating he had done no such thing. She then hands Hawke a letter -- supposedly from him -- which Hawke denies. Moira states she knows nothing more of the situation, and dismisses it as a misunderstanding, stating Emeric has been acting strangely for months. After Hawke discovers the truth, Moira arrives and sees what has become of Emeric and suspects that Gascard DuPuis has done this.

Moira can also be spoken to for additional dialogue during All That Remains regarding Leandra's disappearance.


If Hawke chooses to confirm Moira's suspicion, Moira then hunts down Gascard DuPuis. Otherwise, Moira will continue to hunt for the mage who murdered Emeric.