For the talent in Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Mighty Blow (Inquisition).

Mighty Blow is a warrior talent from the Two-Handed tree in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

  • The warrior gains a +10 attack bonus for a single strike. If it hits, the blow deals critical damage and imposes a movement speed penalty to the target if the target fails a physical resistance check vs the attacker's strength attribute.
  • Talent 2h mightyblow Mighty Blow staggers enemies very briefly upon successful hit, interrupting normal attack animation. It won't interrupt any talents or spells.
  • Conjuration time: 1s.
  • 20 additional Threat is supposed to be drawn from the target. As of Patch 1.02, only damage-based Threat is drawn.

Notes Edit

  • Activation base is in stamina and values vary with fatigue%.
  • Useful when combined with later tier talents based on crits, such as Stunning Blows and Destroyer.
  • Mighty Blow's applied penalty doesn't stack with itself.

Bugs Edit

  • The Slow effect is not implemented. An unofficial fix for the PC is available here.

Achievements Edit


Kill 50 enemies using the Mighty Blow talent. (PC)

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