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For the talent in Dragon Age: Origins, see Mighty Blow (Origins).
For the talent in Dragon Age II, see Mighty Blow (Dragon Age II).

Mighty Blow is a warrior ability from the Two-Handed Weapon tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Damage: 200% weapon damage
  • Damage bonus: 200%
  • Cooldown time: 16 seconds
  • Cost: 50 stamina

Upgrade Edit

Mighty Blow (Inquisition) Easy Target
Requires: Mighty Blow
Might Blow costs less stamina and deals increased damage against targets that have been knocked down.

Cost reduction: 15 stamina
Damage bonus: 300%
Mighty Blow (Inquisition) Stay Down
Requires: Trespasser
Enemies knocked down by Mighty Blow are slower to get back to their feet.

Bonus Duration: 3 seconds

Notes Edit

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