A Messy kill, also known as a finishing move or execution, occurs when a character performs an animated kill scene. They can range from simple slices to beheadings and shield rams. This also includes the slow-motion killing of ogres and the cross-slicing of beasts.

The messy kill animations are most closely linked to critical hits. If an enemy dies of a critical hit then the execution will occur, hence daggers often create these scenes. The duelist ability Pinpoint Strike is a valid way to test this, as it ensures critical hits and therefore a messy kill chain.

Some weapons such as Ageless and Aeducan Mace have a messy kills item property which is supposed to create a greater chance of the animation occurring upon death, although this is unproven. The messy kills property may just increase the chance of a critical hit, or change the execution requirement to a certain damage amount instead of a critical necessity. A few examples of weapons with the messy kills property include:

Ico greatsword AgelessAgeless
Silverite (Tier 6)
Requires: 34 strength

Damage: 16.50
Critical chance: 2.25%
Armor penetration: 5.25
Strength modifier: 1.10
Weakens nearby darkspawn
Messy kills
Increases hostility and intimidation
+0.25 pcIcon pc or +0.5 ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360stamina regeneration in combat
+4 damage vs. darkspawn
, obtained by completing the Caged in Stone quest.
Ico mace Aeducan MaceAeducan Mace
Grey Iron (Tier 2)
Requires: 14 strength

Damage: 5.50
Critical chance: 0.55%
Armor penetration: 4.60
Strength modifier: 1.00
Messy kills
+2 damage vs. darkspawn
, awarded by Duncan in the Dwarf Commoner Origin just before leaving Orzammar.
Ico longsword Dwyn's SwordDwyn's Sword
Steel (Tier 3)
Requires: 15 strength

Damage: 8.40
Critical chance: 2.40%
Armor penetration: 2.60
Strength modifier: 1.00
Rune slot
Messy kills
+2% spell resistance
, obtained by killing Dwyn in Redcliffe (after a failed intimidate), if you decide not to use him for the quest fight.
Ico longsword Rain of PetalsRain of Petals
White Steel (Tier 8)

Damage: 11.90
Critical chance: 3.40%
Armor penetration: 4.50
Strength modifier: 1.00
+3 strength
+3 damage
Messy kills
, included as part of Ariane's initial gear in the Witch Hunt DLC.

There are no weapon runes for messy kills.

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