One of the merchants in Skyhold is located next to Bonny Sims, near the stables. He will only appear at Skyhold if Seggrit was saved during In Your Heart Shall Burn. His stall will appear after the Inquisitor leaves and re-enters Skyhold for the first time.

Weapons Edit

Name Price
Siege's End
Sieges End icon Siege's EndSiege's End
Unique Greataxe
First wielded by Prince Fyruss of Starkhaven, who failed to unite the Free Marches in the Glory Age, this axe was claimed by the Tevinter Imperium after the battle that killed him. It returned to Starkhaven in the Exalted Age after extended diplomacy by Prince Artesian Vael, only to be lost again when the Qunari invaded in the Steel Age. It has not been seen since.
Requires: Level 18

Damage: 245–254 AoE
+41% Critical Damage Bonus
Berserk: +20% damage bonus, +200% damage from all sources
21433 Currency (Inquisition)
Bane of Red Crossing icon TenasarinTenasarin
Unique Bow
One of the most famous elven heroes of the Towers Age was Wenna di Ladia of Nevarra, descendant of the last Emerald Knights who guarded the Dales. She took up her grandfather's bow during the Third Blight, inspiring the Thedosian armies with her beauty and skill. Afterward, Wenna fell afoul of Free Marches rulers when her name launched alienage revolts. She fled criminal accusations, into obscurity, but her legend survives among city elves.
Requires: Level 16

Damage: 132-137
+9% Critical Damage Bonus
+17 Dexterity
2% chance to use Shield Bash on a hit
11110 Currency (Inquisition)

Armor Edit

Name Price
Inquisition Scout Armor
Inquisition Scout Armor icon Inquisition Scout ArmorInquisition Scout Armor
Common Medium Armor
Requires: Level 2

Armor: 67-71
Inquisition: +6 Willpower
Trespasser: +2 Willpower
90 Currency (Inquisition)
Inquisition Foot Soldier Armor
Inquisition Foot Soldier Armor icon Inquisition Foot Soldier ArmorInquisition Foot Soldier Armor
Common Heavy Armor
Requires: Level 2

Armor: 71-73
Inquisition: +6 Willpower
Trespasser: +2 Willpower
90 Currency (Inquisition)
Inquisition Battlemage Armor
Inquisition Battlemage Armor icon Inquisition Battlemage ArmorInquisition Battlemage Armor
Common Light Armor
Requires: Level 2

Armor: 61-64
Inquisition: +6 Willpower
Trespasser: +2 Willpower
90 Currency (Inquisition)

Upgrades Edit

Weapon Upgrades Edit

Name Price
Sturdy Bianca Grip
Bianca Grip Rare Icon Sturdy Bianca GripSturdy Bianca Grip
Rare Grip

+3 Cunning
28 Currency (Inquisition)
Aiming Module I
Aiming Module Rare Icon Aiming Module IAiming Module I
Rare Aiming Module

+3% Critical Chance
28 Currency (Inquisition)
Bianca Arms I
Bianca Arms Icon1 Bianca Arms IBianca Arms I
Rare Arms

5-6 Damage
+6% Attack
+12% Critical Damage Bonus
19 Currency (Inquisition)

Schematics Edit

Weapon Upgrade Schematics Edit

Name Price
Sturdy Bianca Grip Schematic
Bianca-grip-schematic-icon1 Sturdy Bianca Grip SchematicSturdy Bianca Grip Schematic
Bianca Grip Schematic

Utility: 4 Metal
20 Currency (Inquisition)
Bianca Arms I Schematic
Bianca-arms-schematic-icon1 Bianca Arms I SchematicBianca Arms I Schematic
Bianca Arms Schematic

Damage: 14–26–40–44
Damage: 10 Metal
Utility: 6 Leather
20 Currency (Inquisition)
Bianca Aiming I Schematic
Bianca-aiming-schematic-icon1 Bianca Aiming I SchematicBianca Aiming I Schematic
Bianca Aiming Module Schematic

Offense: 4 Metal
20 Currency (Inquisition)