Destroy my inn... Nervy!

Mercenaries is the title of the fifth episode of the web series Dragon Age: Redemption.

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In the world of Dragon Age, the Chantry calendar measures time in 100 year "ages."
Within each of these spans, history is littered with bloody wars, between nations, races and religions.
Armed conflict is a way of life.
The brief time between wars holds an uneasy peace over the land.
There is never a shortage of mercenary warriors or rogues for hire.
Few will judge a hired task.
Or who pays them.
After all, one does what one must to make a living...

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Splr dar
“Victory is in the Qun.” — Tallis
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The inn

Darkspawn crossbow redemption

One of the mercenaries using a darkspawn crossbow

The patrons of the inn proceed to attack Tallis, Cairn, Josmael, and Nyree who defend themselves, each of them by using their own technique. Tallis throws her daggers, Cairn uses his shield to defend himself and his sword to fight, whereas Nyree utilises her reaver abbilities such us Frightening Appearance. Josmael does not partake in the fight and only observes the battle as he is hit over the head from behind by the barmaid in retaliation for trashing her inn. Josmael is briefly knocked unconscious whilst the rest of the party finishes off their enemies. In midst of battle, Tallis loses her coin bag which is requisitioned by the barmaid as payment for the damage. Tallis agrees, and they leave the tavern after asking about the men who attacked them.

Outside the inn

As they walk out, they contemplate the information gathered, figuring out that the men must have been Saarebas's mercenaries, but the party couldn't figure out how did the mercenaries know the party would arrive at the inn. Tallis then accuses Josmael of betraying them, and Cairn in turn accuses him of working with the Saarebas. The elf resents the accusations, wanting to explain himelf. He states that Fina left him a message outside the cave, saying that she escaped and she will meet Josamel at the inn. In his anger, the templar pushes him to the ground and reaches for his blade, intending to kill Josmael for he is an apostate. At the eleventh hour, the elf is saved by Nyree, who disarms Cairn and punches him away.

The reaver then goes on to say that he just gave her a reason to reveal a secret she's been holding. She thanks him for her freedom as it turns out it was Cairn who was responsible for the rogue Saarebas's escape from the Chantry prison. She recalls seeing Cairn going in the mage's cell direction right before the break out.

Chantry prison

Cairn prison
Upon Tallis requesting that there'd be no more secrets between them, Cairn comes clean. In a flashback it is revealed that he assaulted the prison, intending to kill the Saarebas. However, the mage managed to overpower Cairn, and use the opportunity to escape.

Outside the Inn

When asked for the reason, Cairn states that Saarebas killed his family. He then goes on to explain that when Arishok's ship sunk, the Qunari mage was beached in a small village north of Kirkwall by the name of Wrenwith, Cairn's home. The villagers couldn't bare to see the Qunari crudely bound and so they freed him, to their demise as he destroyed the whole village. When Cairn arrived at the village, he witnessed his sister's death as she gave her last breath in his arms. The Chantry forbade him to kill the Qunari apostate and instead ordered to imprison the magi. The Saarebas was captured by templars who were then tasked with learning the Qunari magic secrets from him. Cairn admitted he could not stand the decision of the Chantry, and so he abandoned the order, though not without hesitation, to avenge his family.

As they finish their conversation, they realise that Josmael has slipped away unnoticed to go after Fina, as the search party decided they will not save her.

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  • Wrenwith could not be located to the north of Kirkwall for Saarebas to beach in the village. Arishok's ship was sunk in the sea south of Kirkwall, and so the only villages with access to the sea would have to be located in either south west, west, or east direction along the coast. North of Kirkwall there is nothing but land.
  • The mercenaries at the inn use weapons that were based on Dragon Age II models provided by BioWare. The weapons selected were chosen purely on artistic merit. And thus, the mercenaries are using mage staves as swords, and darkspawn crossbows.

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