The Memories are the archives of Orzammar, containing detailed genealogical records of every dwarf in the city as well as deaths, marriages, promotions, demotions, inheritances, victories, defeats, Provings, and votes of the Assembly, among other things. Record-keeping and custodianship of the Memories is considered a sacred duty.

Memories are recorded by Shapers of Memories who craft lyrium runes containing the actual thoughts of the ones who made them. Thanks to this method, even the minutest details can be recorded with precise accuracy.[1]

The Memories date back to the founding of the first thaig. Despite the zeal for properly recording history, the names of those rare dwarves who are exiled are stripped from the Memories as though they never existed.

For the dwarves, genealogical records are of supreme importance, for reasons of caste and storytelling, and there is a special portion of the Shaperate dedicated to preserving the correctness of these records. The Memories are the closest thing the dwarves have to scripture.[1] The Memories are a collection of dry facts, such as "who", "what", "when", "where" and "how", but not "why".[2]

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