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Mekel is a mercenary who works alongside his brother, Veld.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age II.

Mekel is involved in the quest Gamlen's Greatest Treasure.

Upon visiting Gamlen's House, Hawke will find a letter directed to Gamlen regarding a valuable gem. Hawke, following up on the letter, will end up in Darktown in order to meet the sender. After arriving, Hawke will find Mekel and a group of mercenaries waiting for him/her. Mekel will say that he was paid to deliver the letter but now wants the gem mentioned in the letter for himself. Hawke can try to convince Mekel that he/she does not possess the gem, but Mekel will nevertheless attack Hawke. After the battle, Hawke will find a letter on Mekel's person directing him/her to a place called the Sink.

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