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The Vigil's always been here. Since the barbarians, they say. Who knows what's at the bottom?

Sergeant Maverlies is one of the officers in charge of the soldiers at Vigil's Keep. She is right outside the entrance to the Vigil's Keep - Basement, and offers the quest It Comes From Beneath.

Involvement Edit

Maverlies will tell the Warden-Commander that the explosions set off underground may have trapped some darkspawn and that they may find their way out. She says that the Warden must clear the darkspawn out to ensure the safety of the keep.

She does not seem to be very fond of Dworkin Glavonak as he was the one who set off the bombs and she refers to him as "that mad dwarf" and "that blasted Dworkin".

Result Edit

She will thank you for your help, and you will no longer be able to initiate conversation.

She may return at The Siege of Vigil's Keep to help the Commander take out particularly troublesome targets (as an option in the support menu).

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