For the crafted standard version, see Inscribed Two-Handed Haft Schematic.

Masterwork Inscribed Two-Handed Haft is a rare haft weapon upgrade in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Can be found in the following weapons:

  • DAI-Unique-Maul-icon Demon's AdvocateDemon's Advocate
    Unique Maul
    According to an old Avvar legend, a thane once had two daughters, both great warriors, who argued constantly about everything. If one thought it might rain, the other expected drought. Did the mountains rise up, or the sky slope down? Their debates were ceaseless and more often than not ended in blows.

    At last, to have a moment's peace in the hold, the thane sent both daughters out to hunt a wyvern that stalked the mountainside, saying that they must not return until they agreed the beast was dead. So the daughters took up a great hammer and a two-handed blade and went into the deep forest to seek the beast's death.

    So long did they wander, arguing about the color of the leaves and angles of the ground, that they forgot what they sought and whence they'd come. Their squabbling drove the wyvern away quite by accident, but the two went on hunting they knew not what, for they could not agree to stop.

    They wander still, so the Avvar say. Though they found the daughter's great hammer and blade, no sign of the warriors themselves was ever discovered, save an occasional echo of dispute heard far off in the mountains.

    Requires: Level 20

    Damage: 304-316
    +32% Attack
    +19 Constitution
    On kill: target explodes for 100% weapon damage