For the crafted version, see Masterwork Hilted One-Handed Haft Schematic.

Masterwork Hilted One-Handed Haft is a rare haft weapon upgrade in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Random loot.

Available at the following merchants:

Can be found in the following weapons:

  • Axe of Green Edges icon Axe of Green EdgesAxe of Green Edges
    Unique Axe
    One of the last Emerald Knights alive after the exalted march destroyed the elven Dales, Nomaris famously lodged his axe in the tree he had planted in the Emerald Graves, saying, "Let it remain here until my people are free, to mark my soul, which shall never rest."
    Then he threw himself into a river, his body never found or interred. An Orlesian adventurer poisoned the tree to take the weapon... after fleeing Dalish hunters seeking vengeance for the sacrilege.

    Requires: Level 10

    Damage: 111–116
    +8% Critical Chance
    +7% Critical Damage Bonus
    On hit: 5% chance to apply poison
  • DAI-maceicon3-common Firm Kirkwall War HammerFirm Kirkwall War Hammer
    Common Mace
    Requires: Level 12

    Damage: 76–79
    +13% Guard Damage Bonus
  • DAI Common Axe Icon1 Heavy AxeHeavy Axe
    Common Axe
    Requires: Level 11

    Damage: 94–98
    +8 Strength
  • Vidathiss icon VidathissVidathiss
    Unique Mace
    A Qunari weapon carried by Vidathiss, a well-known "re-educator" in the New Exalted Marches, who was said to crush the heads of captured knights—though this claim has never been proven. She died in the Battle of Afsaana in 7:75 Storm, her mace claimed by the Orlesian knight who killed her.
    Requires: Level 6

    Damage: 64-67
    +20 Damage vs. Demons
    +7% Armor Penetration
    +2 Strength