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Massive Door

Right click to open when in golem form.(PC) / Hold down the Action button in front of door. (Xbox360)

Massive Doors are obstacles the Warden faces while traveling in the Fade via the Circle Tower. They appear locked and can not be lockpicked. In order to open them, the Warden must transform into Golem form and either right click on the door to use Hurl, or manually target the door with Hurl.

xbox360Icon xbox360Stand back a little from the door and push the A button while in golem form to open these doors. Note that doing so triggers the Hurl ability and its cooldown timer.

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for Dragon Age: Origins.
Massive doors can be your friend as well as an obstacle as opponents can't open the door either. Just stand outside the room and keep lobbing indirect ranged attacks like Winter's Grasp at them and you can wait all you want for the cooldown as they can't come out and attack you. In the Darkspawn Invasion room, you can actually watch them run around in circles by the door trying to get to you.

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