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Martine is a warrior and senior Grey Warden in Dragon Age Journeys. By default she uses a two-handed greatsword, with dual weapons as her second choice. Her specialization is the champion.

Martine and her companion Feren, a great scholar and fellow Warden, are encountered by the protagonist in the Deep Roads. They journeyed here as their taint was getting stronger, planning to spend their last years together, fighting the darkspawn as tradition dictates. They are asked to help in the mystery of the glowing emissary.

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Shortly before they arrived, Martine and Feren acquired a powerful artifact, Dura's Blue Flame, fabled to greatly increase the intelligence of any who use it. The artifact fell into at the hands of the Glowing emissary who plans to use it to revive an Old God and rule the surface world.

Gear Edit

Initial Gear Edit

  • Martine's Greatsword
  • Martine's Armor

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