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Marksman is Varric's specialization in Dragon Age II.

Varric Marksman tree

Talents Edit

Friendship ability Authorized Biographer
Requires: Varric Friendship
One of these days, Varric will tell your story.

Attack speed: +5%

Dodge chance: +5%

Rivalry ability Unauthorized Biographer
Requires: Varric Rivalry
One of these days, Varric will tell your story. Whether you like it or not.

Stealth chance: 5% when Varric takes damage.

Duration: 5s

Rhyming Triplet Rhyming Triplet
Activation: 20
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 7
Varric launches a volley of three bolts, turning his target into a pincushion.

Physical damage: 0.57x per bolt

Physical force: 1x per bolt

Rhyming Triplet Nameless Grace
Requires: Level 11
Requires: Rhyming Triplet
Requires: 2 points in Marksman
Bianca breaks all the rules at the right time, adding two bolts to Rhyming Triplet's deadly volley.
Bianca's Song Bianca's Song
Requires: Level 9
Varric hums a melody under his breath, recalling the untellable tale of how Bianca got her name. Few things focus Varric as much.

Attack: +20%

Critical chance: +20%
Reserved: 15% of stamina
Cooldown: 5s

Bianca's Song Embellishment
Requires: Level 13
Requires: Bianca's Song
Requires: 3 points in Marksman
Varric adds a new stanza to the ode to his beloved Bianca.

Attack speed: +20%

Movement speed: +20%
Critical damage: +30%

Kickback Kickback
Activation: 20
Cooldown: 15s
Requires: Level 8
Requires:Rhyming Triplet
As a merchant prince, Varric knows that sometimes you need a well-placed bribe, and sometimes you need a well-placed bolt.

Physical damage: 0.57x

Physical force: 20x

Kickback Backlash
Requires: Level 12
Requires: 2 points in Marksman
Kickback now carries an even greater wallop, and Varric can now use it more frequently.

Physical damage: +0.57x

Physical force: 800% vs. STAGGERED targets
Cooldown: -5s

Well-oiled Well-oiled
Requires: Level 12
Requires:Bianca's Song
Requires:Rhyming Triplet
Requires:3 points in Marksman
Varric is a busy man. Time is coin. And it's someone's time to die.

Attack speed: +20%
Overtime Overtime
Requires: Level 13
Requires:Bianca's Song
Requires:4 points in Marksman
Nobody puts in long hours like a dwarf.

Mana/stamina regeneration rate: +10

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