Marjolaine's Vendetta is a quest in Leliana's Song DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

Look for the guard captain.
Among your contracts is something personal. The guard captain of Denerim apparently wronged Marjolaine somehow and she wants revenge. She is taking care of it herself. It will be interesting to see what she cooks up.
Pity the man, whatever comes.


You start out with the quest in your journal at the very beginning of the campaign.


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“Dying while in the company of a lovely seductress... tell me that isn't a good death.” — Leliana
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This quest is affected by the other quests that you partake in the Market. Each subquest yields an item which can be used to further incriminate the Denerim City Guard Captain. Guard Captain Eams can be found unconscious on the street just past the Gnawed Noble Tavern.

Once the item has been obtained, place it on Eams.

Three items can be obtained from Stealing in the Market:

  • Plt ico figurine Fenced Tevinter AntiquitiesFenced Tevinter Antiquities
    Plot item
    A small menagerie of the Tevinter Old Gods, as interpreted by someone with no apparent theological knowledge. Populist and gauche--perfect for the merchant nobility.
  • Plt ico stolen goods Fenced Historical CostumesFenced Historical Costumes
    Plot item
    Gaudy examples of Orlesian pantomime costume. This style of theatrical dress is no longer practiced outside of historical study, but it remains the stereotype of Orlesian excess.
  • Plt ico jewelry Fenced Fereldan JewelryFenced Fereldan Jewelry
    Plot item
    A heavy style of funeral jewelry intended to survive the flames of cremation. Fereldans would pass them down within a family line, although the practice is rarely followed today.

Kill the Loose Tongue:

Defeat Bann Perrin's Guards:

  • Plt ico dog muzzle Suspect UnderthingsSuspect Underthings
    Plot item
    This undergarment has an unwholesome lace-breached codpiece that somehow both constricts and augments. The height of vulgarity in all but the most intimate of company.

Find the Mages' Cache:

  • Plt ico signet ring2 Mages' Collective SignetMages' Collective Signet
    A signet ring that bears the seal of the secretive Mages' Collective. Anyone suspected of membership in such a group would be judged harshly.

    +2 magic
    +10 spellpower


Placing all the items (save the mage's ring) upon his person will unlock the Vendetta achievement and Marjolaine will compliment you.