I hope they find Keran soon... and Wilmod, of course.

Margitte is a templar recruit serving in Kirkwall. She is a close friend of fellow recruits, Keran and Wilmod.

Involvement Edit

Margitte is found at the Gallows near the templar recruits Hugh, Ruvena and Paxley.

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for Dragon Age II.

Margitte is involved in the quest A Debt in the Family which occurs if Keran was cast out of the Templar Order at the end of Enemies Among Us.

Margitte tells Hawke, that Keran's family is in deep with the Tevinter moneylender Senestra the Snake. But Keran's father is too proud and his children don't even know about it. Margitte cannot pay off the debt herself because she isn't rich enough. She asks Hawke for help in resolving the matter.

Trivia Edit

Unlike Ruvena, Paxley and Hugh, Margitte is still a recruit in 9:34 Dragon.