I'm Mardy. And I know how to give my lord a night he'll remember.

Mardy is an experienced noble hunter encountered during the Dwarf Noble Origin story. As her goal as a noble hunter is to bear the son of a Noble caste man in order to raise her status in Orzammar, a male Dwarf Noble who talks to her and her fellow noble hunter Teli has the opportunity to bed one or both of them.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins.

Mardy will agree to have sex with the Dwarf Noble, as will Teli, either consecutively or individually. Mardy is explicit that the two women have full experiences all to themselves and therefore the liaison is not a threesome.

If the Dwarf Noble does sleep with her he will discover that she conceived a son when he returns to Orzammar after becoming a Grey Warden, through the sidequest Of Noble Birth. As the Dwarf Noble was exiled, however, her son has no status. The Dwarf Noble can help ensure that Mardy and the child are adopted into either the noble Aeducan or Harrowmont houses to secure their status, or leave her and her son casteless.

Note: Sleeping with only Mardy will trigger Of Noble Birth; sleeping with both Mardy and Teli will also trigger the quest; but sleeping with Teli alone will not.

Trivia Edit

  • Mardy is also interested in Ser Blackstone but she is unwilling to do anything since he is only warrior caste.
  • During Of Noble Birth, Bhelen will refer to Mardy as casteless, even though she seems to lack the brand.