Map of Farmland Cave is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition

This map depicts a farmhouse near a cave.

Acquisition Edit

Starts by finding a scroll in a cave in the south west of the Hinterlands, just a bit east of the Grand Forest Villa and south of one of the rifts for Rifts in the Woods.

Walkthrough Edit

Once you have found the map, travel to Redcliffe Farms and up into the hills to the north west. Further north west of the Maferath Repentant landmark is the required cave.

There are several routes to the cave, one of which is shown in the Gallery.

Rewards Edit

  • 128 XP
  • 80 Influence

Notes Edit

The hidden treasure is always:

  • Common Amulet Icon 1 Stamina AmuletStamina Amulet
    Common Amulet
    Increases maximum stamina by the specified amount.

    +10 Max Stamina
    (without Trespasser DLC installed) or
  • Rare Amulet Icon 1 Amulet of AggressionAmulet of Aggression
    Rare Amulet
    The wearer of this amulet generates a small amount of threat when attacking.

    Generate threat when attacking
    (with Trespasser installed)

Gallery Edit