Map of Enavuris is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

This map, found in a bunker of Celene's Victory Rise Ramparts, depicts a spot visible through three tall windows.

Acquisition Edit

The Map can be found in the Barracks beneath Victory Rise.

Walkthrough Edit

  • To find the spot marked on the map, travel to the Dalish Camp and head north towards the ruins with the veilfire ( this is also a location for the quest Scattered Glyphs). Standing next to the veilfire and looking out the windows directly north, you'll see a cleft stone pillar straight ahead. Climb that pillar until you’re on the outcropping overlooking the road, and the spot should be there as well.


DAI cleave axe icon CleaveCleave
Unique Axe
This axe accompanied Loris, Dwarven Grey Warden Hero of the Third Blight, into the Deep Roads for his Calling. Some say that he instead gave it to his nephew, hoping it would inspire him to great deeds. If so, it was lost when Orzammar's King imprisoned the boy for gambling.
Requires: Level 7

Damage: 93–95
+20 Damage vs. Living
+2% Attack
+6% Critical Chance

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