Manuals are books which teach a character a specialization. These books can be purchased from various merchants.

Manuals Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Plt ico assassin man Manual: AssassinManual: Assassin
"A Knife in the Back is Worth Two in the Bush." A manual that teaches the tricks of the assassin's trade.
- unlocks the Assassin specialization. Located: Alarith
Plt ico bard man Manual: BardManual: Bard
"From the Shower to the Battlefield: A History of Bards." A book that reveals the secrets of the Orlesian bards.
- unlocks the Bard specialization. Located: Alimar
Plt ico berserker man Manual: BerserkerManual: Berserker
"Anger Management: Reaching a New Level of Slaughter" A tome with a thorough analysis of the berserker's combat style.
- unlocks the Berserker specialization. Located: Gorim Saelac
Plt ico ranger man Manual: RangerManual: Ranger
"Where Giant Spiders Come From: Wilderness Companions for Beginners." A book written by an experienced ranger, with useful tips.
- unlocks the Ranger specialization. Located: Bodahn Feddic
Plt ico shapeshifter man Manual: ShapeshifterManual: Shapeshifter
"Self-Esteem, Shaving, and Bad Breath: The Dangers of Shapeshifting." A manual that teaches a mage to turn their magic inward to become a shapeshifter.
- unlocks the Shapeshifter specialization. Located: Varathorn
Plt ico spirit healer man Manual: Spirit HealerManual: Spirit Healer
"Kiss it and Make it Better." A tome that speaks to mages who want to develop their nurturing side.
- unlocks the Spirit Healer specialization. Located: Tranquil Proprietor, Levi Dryden
Plt ico templar man Manual: TemplarManual: Templar
"A is for Abomination: The Templar's Alphabet." A book that explains what templars do, and how they do it.
- unlocks the Templar specialization. Located: Bodahn Feddic

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

Plt ico assassin man Manual: BattlemageManual: Battlemage
"Charging into the Fray: Not Just For Large Men with Swords." A guide to the philosophy of the battlemage.
- unlocks the Battlemage specialization. Located: Ambassador Cera
Plt ico bard man Manual: Blood MageManual: Blood Mage
"How to Use Friends and Influence Enemies." A well-worn manual that teaches a mage about the power of blood.
- unlocks the Blood Mage specialization. Located: Bartender
Plt ico assassin man Manual: GuardianManual: Guardian
"Watching Your Back." An interesting read for the defensive-minded warrior.
- unlocks the Guardian specialization. Located: Herren
Plt ico assassin man Manual: KeeperManual: Keeper
"Ancient Secrets of the Elves." The lore and wisdom of the Dalish keepers, plus a special insert on frolicking in the woods.
- unlocks the Keeper specialization. Located: Master Henley
Plt ico assassin man Manual: Legionnaire ScoutManual: Legionnaire Scout
"First In, First to Die." The blood-stained memoirs of a Legion of the Dead scout.
- unlocks the Legionnaire scout specialization. Located: Glassric the Weaponsmith
Plt ico berserker man Manual: ReaverManual: Reaver
"Feasting on the Fallen." A strange collection of poems by a particularly creative reaver.
- unlocks the Reaver specialization. Located: Bartender
Plt ico assassin man Manual: ShadowManual: Shadow
"You Don't See Me, But That Doesn't Mean I'm Not Here." A maudlin tale of a rogue growing up in a loveless home.
- unlocks the Shadow specialization. Located: Yuriah
Plt ico assassin man Manual: Spirit WarriorManual: Spirit Warrior
"Fading Away." A weighty volume that explains how Fade spirits can enhance a warrior's, er, abilities
- unlocks the Spirit Warrior specialization. Located: Octham the Grocer