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Is it true they can make you think whatever they want? How can we know our thoughts are our own? ―The Dashing Outlaw

Maleficarum is an event in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It is continued from the card Omens or A Meeting with the Outlaw.

Description Edit

The cave reeks of old meat and fear. Animals scream in cages. A spiral of runes daub the floor, the colour of rust.

Available actions Edit


Seal the cave and cover up the existence of Maleficarum
Serault does not need a reputation for blood magic. Not now.
Difficulty: Cunning*2
Success: +10 Dignity
Failure: +4 Peril, +4 Dignity


Hunt down the maleficar
Blood magic summons demons, distorts flesh, enslaves minds. It cannot take root in Serault.
Difficulty: Rulership*6/5
Success: -4 Twilight, +3 Clues
Failure: +6 Twilight, +3 Clues

Trivia Edit

  • The image displayed for this quest is the heraldry of the Antivan Crows.