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Mage Item Pack is a downloadable content for Dragon Age II. It is included in All-Class Item Pack or available for purchase separately.

The following items are included in the pack:

Staff green DA2 Malcolm's HonorMalcolm's Honor

Damage: 1.7 + 1.85 * LVL spirit damage
(2.3 + 2.52 * LVL per second)
Improves with level up.
+2+ROUND(LVL/20) to all attributes
+8+ROUND((LVL-1)/5)% critical chance
+10 mana/stamina regeneration rate
+2+LVL+INTEGER((LVL-1)*3/5) damage vs. demons and undead
Light armor green DA2 The Fugitive's MantleThe Fugitive's Mantle
Light chestpiece
Silver Threaded

Armor: 90
Rune slot Rune slot
+2 magic
+24 mana/stamina
Light armor green DA2 Malcolm's BequestMalcolm's Bequest
Light chestpiece
Charcoal Washed
Requires: Level 15

Armor: 215
Rune slot Rune slot
+3 magic
+44 mana/stamina
+117 attack
Light helmet green DA2 The Fugitive's CrownThe Fugitive's Crown
Light helmet
Requires: Level 6

Armor: 33
Rune slot
+5% fire damage
+5% cold damage
+5% electricity damage
+5% nature damage
+5% spirit damage
Light helmet green DA2 The Apostate's MaskThe Apostate's Mask
Light helmet
Charcoal Washed
Requires: Level 17

Armor: 123
Rune slot Rune slot
+42 mana
+3 mana/stamina regeneration
+10% fire damage
+10% cold damage
+10% electricity damage
+10% nature damage
+10% spirit damage
Light gloves green DA2 The Fugitive's GauntletsThe Fugitive's Gauntlets
Light gloves
Silver Threaded
Requires: Level 9

Armor: 26
Rune slot
+7 mana/stamina
+2% magic resistance
Light gloves green DA2 Black Silk GauntletsBlack Silk Gauntlets
Light gloves
Charcoal Washed
Requires: Level 13

Armor: 36
Rune slot
+9 mana/stamina
+4% magic resistance
Immunity to knockback
Light boots green DA2 The Long TrekThe Long Trek
Light boots
Scarlet Dyed
Requires: Level 7

Armor: 32
+9 health
+9 mana/stamina
+11 defense
Light boots green DA2 Orlesian Silk BootsOrlesian Silk Boots
Light boots
Charcoal Washed
Requires: Level 11

Armor: 54
+26 health
+13 mana/stamina
+16 defense
Amulet green DA2 Ring of the AwakenedRing of the Awakened

+(0.8 + 0.08 * LVL) magic
+6 mana/stamina regeneration rate
+(10 + 0.25 * LVL)% fire damage
+(10 + 0.25 * LVL)% cold damage
Improves with level-up
Amulet green DA2 A Private MementoA Private Memento

+2 willpower
+11% fire damage
+11% cold damage
+5% magic resistance
Improves with level-up
Ring green DA2 The Inner EyeThe Inner Eye

+2 to all attributes
+15% electricity damage
+15% nature damage
Blood Magic: Each point of health provides 0.25 additional mana
Improves with level-up

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