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Mabari Crunch is a usable item in Dragon Age: Origins. Upon consumption it increases the mabari hound's health and stamina regeneration by +8/+16 for 10 seconds, and cures a single injury.

Acquisition Edit

  • This item can found as a loot throughout the game.

Crafting Edit

Recipe Makes Ingredients Required skill
Rcp ico herbalism 1
Ico mabari crunch
Mabari Crunch
Rgt ico elfroot
Rgt ico deepmush

Skl ico herbalism

Notes Edit

  • A single mabari crunch is added to the Warden's inventory upon entering party camp.

See alsoEdit

Ico mabari crunch Double-Baked Mabari CrunchDouble-Baked Mabari Crunch
With a lovely melted cheese topping, double-baked mabari crunch is absolutely irresistible. At least if you're a dog.

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