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The lyrium well is a dwarven and Tevinter collaboration to create a magical power source. They power all of the Amgarrak Thaig, including the forge, defensive barriers and its environmental switches (red, blue, etc.). The wells were also used in the creation of the Harvester and Runic Golems. All known instances of these wells were either destroyed or became inaccessible following the destruction of the forge.

Notes Edit

  • Similar static objects appear in Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter (as Amgarrak was recycled from the Kal'Hirol environment set) and Kal'Hirol - Lower Reaches (the object dropped on the Broodmothers) though they are never specifically stated to be Lyrium Wells.
    • The main difference between the two is that in Kal-Hirol they are always suspended by chains, in Amgarrak they hover, independent of any supports. This is so they can theoretically spin, as seen when the first switch is activated.

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