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Madam Lusine is the proprietor of The Blooming Rose, the brothel located in the Red Lantern District in Hightown in Kirkwall.

Involvement Edit

She can be found in the main room of the building, usually near the bar area. She tends to look down on Fereldans. Should Hawke first attempt to patronize her establishment during Act 1, she will assume Hawke to be in extreme poverty, to a point of actually suspecting forgery should Hawke prove able to pay for the premium service. Upon inquiry, she will offer you the services of the Blooming Rose, for a price: "Two sovereigns for premium service. One sovereign for standard service. Fifty silver and someone may touch you. Briefly." Rumors float around that she gives a "special service" to loyal costumers.

Act 2: Spending several visits of "best service" leads to a special choice ("Blow my mind") which leads to a comical scene of literary reading.

Act 3: Spending several visits of "best service" leads to a special choice ("Something exotic") which leads to a unique encounter.

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