Lucanus is a senior Venatori mage.

Involvement Edit

Lucanus is part of the Venatori cohort operating in the Western Approach. He is delegated to lead a relic hunt in the Still Ruins.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI A Tevinter Relic Hunt
Quest icon DAI The Heart of the Still Ruins

Loot Edit

When defeated, Lucanus may drop:

Keystone Icon DAI KeystoneKeystone
Plot item
An ancient key found on Lucanus's corpse in the Tevinter laboratory.
Cleansing rune schematic icon Master Cleansing Rune SchematicMaster Cleansing Rune Schematic
Rune Schematic
Inflicts bonus damage against red templars and darkspawn on each weapon strike.
Spellburst Staff icon Spellburst StaffSpellburst Staff
Rare Staff
Requires: Level 10

Damage: 39-40 Fire
+23% Critical Damage Bonus
On Kill: +10 to Magic for 10 seconds

See also Edit

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