Loranil is a Dalish elf that can be a recruited as an Agent for the Inquisition.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Loranil is found on the Exalted Plains with his clan at the Dalish camp. Upon meeting the Inquisitor, Loranil is very intrigued. Believing the Elder One to be a danger to all life, he wishes to join the Inquisition. However, Keeper Hawen does not trust the Inquisition, and refuses to allow him to leave. By completing the quest "By the Grace of the Dalish", the Inquisitor can change the Keeper's mind.

After being recruited, he serves as an agent under Cullen, who comments that among all his recruits, he is the most eager. Leliana believes the Dalish Elf possesses great skill, and is honored to have him helping.