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Locate Rhys and Evangeline is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


Becomes available after speaking with Cole at Skyhold and asking him about his past. The Inquisitor can ask Cole further about Rhys and then offer to find him and his companion. Cole states that he does not want the Inquisitor to pursue his friend.

Operation text Edit

Sister Leliana,

Per your request, after seeing that no mage named Rhys was present at the Conclave at the time of the explosion, I began my search. It appears, based on reports gathered from rebel mages, that Rhys had originally intended to be at the Conclave, but the former templar Evangeline persuaded him not to attend. She believed corruption within the templars sought to exacerbate the conflict, and this merited investigation.

Evangeline was last seen not far from Val Firmin, where a merchant described her as fighting other templars and being taken, injured but alive. Rhys came through the area not long after, searching for her.

The forests near Val Firmin offer many places to hide, but the Inquisition could track down these renegade templars if you so order.

Yours in service,

Advisor suggestionsEdit

Josephine: 1:00:00

I have friends in the area who would gladly help rescue someone so important to the Inquisition.

Leliana: 0:48:00

Walker knows the area. She and her scouts can get Rhys and Evangeline out safely.

Cullen: 1:00:00

My men can cut through the forest and recover Rhys and Evangeline safely.


All advisors

if In Hushed Whispers was completed...


Evangeline and I owe you our freedom, and indeed our very lives.

I am greatly saddened to hear what happened at the Conclave. I had truly hoped for a peaceful end to this conflict, and the death of so many good people is a tragedy. Our own investigation took us to renegade templars using a strange new red form of lyrium. I am chagrined that they were powerful enough to subdue us, although your agents tell us that these red templars serve as shock troops for the enemy, who has had both mages and templars dancing to his tune.

Evangeline and I need to recover from our wounds, and our presence at Skyhold will only cause tension with the rebel mages you brought into the Inquisition. Once we are healed, we would be honored to serve.

Rhys, Senior Enchanter (Aequitarians)

There is a note below, presumably added by Cole.
I asked you not to do this. I was upset until it saved them. This is good.

if Champions of the Just was completed...


Rhys and I owe you both our freedom and our lives.

I once wished that Rhys and I had been able to attend the Conclave, in hopes that our voices might lead to a peaceful resolution to this mad war. After hearing about the destruction of the Temple of Sacred Ashes, though, we might only have died with the rest.

The templars I tracked, and subsequently fell to, were using a strange red form of lyrium I had never previously encountered. The Inquisition troops who rescued us tell us that you found the same lyrium at Therinfal Redoubt and saved the templars from corruption. For this, I thank you. While I left the templars as an organization, I always believed in the ideals for which they stood. I hope that they serve you well against this Corypheus.

Rhys and I must recover from our wounds, and our presence at Skyhold will only cause tension with the templars, many of whom still see me as a traitor. Nevertheless, once we are healed, we would be honored to serve the Inquisition.

Evangeline, Knight-Commander

There is a note below, presumably added by Cole.
I asked you not to do this. I was upset until it saved them. This is good.


All advisors

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