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Llomerryn is a politically neutral port located on an island at the southern tip of Rivain, to the east of Antiva.

Background Edit

Llomerryn is most famous for being the place where peace was made with the Qunari at the end of the New Exalted Marches. The Llomerryn Accords were signed by every nation save Tevinter in 7:84 Storm.[1] It is also known for being the city in which the Raiders of the Waking Sea united under the banner of the Felicisima Armada to help fight the Qunari.[2]

However, today it is famous as a refuge for the immoral. Its markets and bazaars are notorious for their abundant and exotic treasures - a lot of them stolen - and it is said that "any man can gain his heart's desire - for the right price." The Felicisma Armada still operates out of Llomerryn today.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The town of "Little Llomerryn" has been built by the Raiders of the Waking Sea in Estwatch as a nod to this island.
  • In Dragon Age II banter between Isabela and Merrill, Isabela will say of Llomerryn that, "It's not really the kind of place where one turns down a tumble. Even refuse a fortune teller, and they'd run your lot out of town".
  • "Llomerryn red" is a sauce that is extremely popular with the locals of Llomerryn. It's said to be served in every tavern and on every table for any kind of food. "Llomerryn red" is also another name for blood.[3]

References Edit

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