Lightning Rune Schematic is a rune schematic in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Found by revealing an obscure glyph with veilfire in three possible locations:

Important: The glyph the player finds first will always reveal the Lightning Rune Schematic. The second glyph found reveals Master Lightning Rune Schematic and the third reveals Superb Lightning Rune Schematic. The schematics are always found in order of increasing quality, regardless of the order in which the glyphs are found.

Makes Edit

Lightning Rune icon Lightning RuneLightning Rune
Adds electricity damage to each weapon strike

+10 Electricity Damage

Materials required Edit

Blank runestone icon Blank RunestoneBlank Runestone
Rune Material
Lightning Essence Icon Lightning EssenceLightning Essence
Rune Material