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Delltash! Ghillas Denar! Seran Viar Malas Shivera Mellavar!

Librarians are formerly benign Spirits which once watched over the Vir Dirthara. Now they have been driven mad, twisted into Demons of fear, hunting any who dare walk the halls of the shattered library.

Abilities Edit

  • Barrier Breaker
  • Guard Breaker
  • Immunity: Fear, Asleep
  • Immunity: Frozen, Paralyzed
  • Immunity: Physical Effects
  • Spirit Resistance
  • Fade Step Fade Step
  • Summon Fearling

Trivia Edit

Librarian HoDA Art

The Librarian Demon in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • The Librarians dialogue translates as "Your books are overdue" and "Don't talk in the library" [1]

References Edit

  1. According to Mary Kirby

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