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Loose Ends is received in Act 1 if you completed Birthright. The version depends on if either Meeran or Athenril helped Hawke during The Destruction of Lothering.

Letter Edit

If Hawke sided with Athenril...

I know we didn't part on the best terms. You were right, I was trying to squeeze more work out of you than was justified. You've more than paid your way into the city. It's been tight since you left, though. If you're looking for more work, for real coin in your pocket, come see me in Hightown, anytime before sunset.


If Hawke sided with Meeran...

I take back everything I said about your blighted family. You were right, you were the best we ever had. If you're looking for honest work and good coin, come see me in Lowtown. I can keep you busy for a while.


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