Letter from Sister Arielle is received at the beginning of Act 3 if Sebastian Vael's companion quest Repentance was completed in Act 2.

Letter Edit

To the Champion of Kirkwall:

You've done so much for so many people, so you probably don't remember me. But you saved my life. I've spent three years thinking about what that awful Lord Harimann might have done to me; surely the Maker sent you to shine His light on that madhouse. When I left and walked into the sun, it was like waking from a nightmare. I don't know how we endured it. That place was a spider's web, and we were the flies.

I didn't know where to go at first, but I ended up seeking shelter at the chantry in Starkhaven. I'm a sister now, and I take my vows next month! They've given me a chance to pay back the good fortune you gave me, and they've even taught me to read and write. Me! The daughter of a washer-woman!

With eternal gratitude,
Sister Arielle