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From Macha is received at some point during Act 2, depending on the outcome of the quest Enemies Among Us in Act 1 the side quest A Debt in the Family may become available.

Letter Edit

If Keran was expelled...
Messere Hawke,

It is I, Macha, Keran's sister. I'm writing to tell you that we are well, all things considered. It's hard getting by without Keran's templar allowance, but we manage. He's been unhappy about leaving the Order, but at least he's safe and alive.

Thank you for everything!

If Keran was kept in the order...
Messere Hawke,

I wanted to thank you for helping my brother. I worry about what the templars will do to Keran, but it's what he wants. He is grateful that you defended him before Ser Cullen.

Thank you, from both of us.