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From Elren is received at the start of Act 2 if Magistrate's Orders was completed, the version depends on the outcome of this quest.

Letter Edit

If Kelder is killed...
Messere Hawke,

Words aren't enough to convey how grateful I am! Thank you for saving my daughter from that monster. When I look at my little girl, I'm reminded of what you did for my family.

Lia has found a hero in you. She's become interested in swordplay and combat, and she speaks of joining the guard one day. She seems none the worse for wear.

In your debt,

If Kelder is turned over...
Messere Hawke,

I feel I must apologize. You did what you had to when you turned Kelder over to the guards. You saved my daughter, and I should have been more thankful.

Lia has been difficult. We left Kirkwall behind, but my poor girl now thinks every man is a monster in disguise. I fear she may never get past this.

In your debt,

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