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Family Letters is received at the start of Act 2. The received version depends on the fate of Hawke's siblings during The Destruction of Lothering and The Deep Roads Expedition.

Letter Edit

If Bethany is alive and joined the Circle...
Dear Hawke,

I hope this letter finds you well. My time in the Circle has been bearable, even after the templars made a point of putting me through the Harrowing as soon as I arrived. They thought I was at risk of possession or running away like Father. Glad it's over with.

I've started mentoring apprentices. I enjoy time with the children, teaching them basic spells. One of them, Ella, has taken a shine to me. Adorable!

Life's not perfect here, mind you. The templars are mostly polite, and I know they're just doing their jobs, but some hold extreme views. There's one creep named Ser Alrik who likes harassing mages, but I'll steer clear of him!

I'm doing fine! Please don't worry about me.

With love,

If Bethany is alive and became a Grey Warden...

So it's official: I'm a Grey Warden. Stroud says I'm lucky that the Warden's ritual has kept the taint at bay. Not sure if I'd call it luck, but I'm alive.

It's been brutal, going through this. I have awful nightmares. I close my eyes and hear whispering. Is it real, or am I going mad? I'll survive that, too. That's my life is now: survival, getting through each day. That's what you wanted, isn't it?

Tell Mother I miss her.

With love,

If Carver is alive and joined the templars...
Dear Hawke,

How are you? I hope you and Mother are doing well. Things are good here. I've found my place among the templars. It's nice to have purpose, to be part of something bigger than myself... and you! All right, all right, I'll stop being a pain in the ass.

It's not a perfect job, though. I don't really like what we do to mages, but do we have a choice? It keeps everyone safe, and it's better than the alternative. Many mages understand that we're trying to help, even if our methods could use improvement.

Unfortunately, there are extreme elements within the Order. Some argue for a permanent solution and have ideas I hope never take root. Makes me glad Bethany never had to live in a place like this.

I'll wrap this up. Duty calls. Send my love to Mother.

Your brother,

If Carver is alive and became a Grey Warden...

How are you? Hope all is well. Things are good here, I suppose. Grey Warden legends do fail to mention a few things, though! I've yet to do anything remotely glorious or honorable since arriving. In fact, most of it is painful, dirty, often horrific work. Thanks a lot! (In case you forgot that it's your fault I'm here.)

The positive is that I'm alive and part of something greater. I've a chance to prove myself. Maybe I'll even step out of your big fat shadow! Thing is, Ferelden already has a hero that stopped the Blight. Pfft! Big deal, right?

Say hello to Mother and Gamlen for me.