A Strangely Official-Looking Letter is received at the beginning of Act 2.

Letter Edit

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am Lord Achim Falk of Starkhaven. I have faith in the Maker and Andraste, his beloved prophet, that I must bring this matter of urgent business to you. Years ago, I served the office of Seneschal to the royal family of Starkhaven. Sadly, they have been deposed, ousted by a foul usurper. I represent His Royal Highness, Prince Corbinian Vael, the true heir to the throne, and with your help, Maker willing, we will see him wear the crown of Starkhaven once more.

His Highness had a fortune of eleven thousand sovereigns locked away in the vaults of the Royal Bank of Antiva. With access to this fortune, he can raise an army to retake the throne, but it is too dangerous for His Highness to simply withdraw the funds himself. This is where we require your assistance and discretion.

Simply send me the details of an open bank account in Kirkwall, and I will arrange that the funds are transferred to you. My King will then contact you to retrieve his fortune, leaving you with a hefty award. I must warn you, the Antivans will not consider the account viable if it contains less than 100 sovereigns. Please observe the utmost confidentiality.

Lord Achim Falk