A Letter from Tevinter is received at the beginning of Act 3 if Feynriel was sent to the Tevinter Imperium at the end of Night Terrors.


Dear Hawke,

Or is it now "Champion Hawke"? The story of how you handled the Arishok is very popular here. There are few things the Tevinters enjoy more than a tale of Qunari defeat!

To say the Imperium is a strange place would be a vast understatement. Men and women work magic in the street while their slaves look on. I watched my own master kill a rival magister in a duel just days ago. Sometimes I look around and think I understand the templars in Kirkwall.

My studies are going well. My dreams don't trouble me as much these days. I'm hopeful that, in time, I'll master myself. I just wanted to thank you. I owe you more than my life. I owe you my life and my future.