Last of His Line is an Act 1 side quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is obtainable if you've either imported a save from Dragon Age: Origins in which Prince Bhelen was awarded the throne of Orzammar, or you load the pre-made history Martyr, which has the same condition. Lord Renvil Harrowmont can be found in the Docks district of Kirkwall during the daytime.

Walkthrough Edit

As you come upon Lord Renvil Harrowmont and his guards, they are attacked by several Carta Thugs and a Carta Assassin. Once you've defeated the would-be assassins, Harrowmont asks you to help him clear the district of Carta members trying to assassinate him. From here you have the option of helping him out (which nets you a couple of gold in the mail), or turning on him when you meet the first set of Carta criminals.

If you decide to assist Harrowmont, start heading toward the west side of the docks (toward the Shady Merchant) and kill all Carta you see. Naturally, the first group gives you the option of killing Harrowmont, but since you've decided to play nice, kill them.

If you decide to assist the Carta in killing Harrowmont, head back to where you spoke with Harrowmont and he and his guards will engage you on sight.

Result Edit

If you decided to help Harrowmont, he ends up escaping to Rivain. You will receive a letter from him in Act 2.

If you decided to help the Carta eliminate Harrowmont, then the entirety of house Harrowmont dies with him.

Rewards Edit

Both outcomes:

  • 50 XP (initial encounter)
  • 400 XP (quest completion)

Assisting Harrowmont:

  • 400 XP for killing three Carta groups (100 + 100 + 200)
  • 1DAO goldpiece trans (quest completion)
  • 5DAO goldpiece trans (from a letter in Act 2):
Heavy gloves gold DA2 Handcrafted Dwarven CuffsHandcrafted Dwarven Cuffs
Heavy gloves
Requires: 22 strength
14 consitution

Armor: 33
Rune slot
+3 armor
Immunity to stun
(from the same letter)

Assisting The Carta:

  • 3DAO goldpiece trans (quest completion)