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Last Wishes is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. In the Silverite Mine in the Wending Wood during The Righteous Path quest, there is a dying Grey Warden named Keenan. He asks you to retrieve his wedding ring and return it to his wife, Nida. A darkspawn wielding a large maul stole the ring.

Walkthrough Edit

In order to complete this quest, you must speak to and accept Keenan's request before leaving the Silverite Mine, as you cannot re-enter the mine afterwards.

The Hurlock Dragon-Tamer with the large maul is located in the Dragonling Pen area of the Silverite Mine. After looting the ring from from the Hurlock Dragon-Tamer's corpse, go back to the City of Amaranthine. Nida is in a room upstairs with a "companion" at the Crown and Lion inn.

Approval Edit

  • "I swear to you, it will be done"
Ico Appr Heart Nathaniel approves (+1
Ico Appr Heart Sigrun approves (+2
Ico DisAppr Heart Velanna disapproves (-1
  • "I'm not with her."
Ico DisAppr Heart Velanna disapproves (-6

Rewards Edit

Ico warhammer Leg-CrusherLeg-Crusher
White Steel (Tier 8)
Requires: 42 strength

Damage: 15.30
Critical chance: 0.85%
Armor penetration: 15.75
Strength modifier: 1.25
+5% melee critical chance
Chance to reduce movement speed
, source: Hurlock Dragon-Tamer

Bugs Edit

  • If the Warden-Commander does not speak to Keenan and slays the Dragon-Tamer afterwards, then the quest will be activated and updated as if the conversation with Keenan had already happened.

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